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Tantra quotes, texts

by Abhinavagupta

Worship, worshipper and the entity worsipped these discinctions are divisive for which there is no place in the transcendental mode of thinking. Who has created these distinctions and what is the rationale behind it? All this is out and out delusion as there is nothing different from the non-dual consciousness. All is to be understood as one's own inner sense in all its purity takes for certain avoiding useless thinking. (3)

Regular devotional worship is dualistic. It is in fact naught but creating a special nice mood within and has nothing to do with enlightenment. That mood may be conducive for real non-dual devotion, but in and of itself is it within illusion. In fact what one worhips in the given entity is one's own Self.

Unlike the pleasure of attaining wealth, taking wine, enjoying sex, contact with a young lady, unlike the light of a lamp, the sun, the moon, unlike the joy of getting rid of a heavy weight, the delight of experience of oneness with the realisation of the illumination of consciousness is like recovery of the forgotten precious wealth. (4)

Nothing surpasses the bliss of unity with the Self. This is as far as I know the only reference to sex in any Tantric text. As you see it is not something to make a spiritual practice of. Tantricts merely accept sex, and drinking alcohol, etc. as an allowed pleasure in life. This is unlike the ascetic yogis, who abstain fropm everything pleasurable sine they fear they may become attached to it. However, once you have realized the Self, there is no danger of becomming attached to anything, so sex, wine wealth (etc.) is allowed.

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