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The ancient tantrics worked with 12 chakras, however they recognized the common 7 as the most important. But the colors they saw in them differ completely from the modern New Age chakra colors. It is as if some New Age author in the 80'ies got the idea that since there are 7 chakras and 7 primary colors in the rainbow, they must correlate. Why? I have no idea. And who says there are only 7 primaries in the rainbow? There are an infinite number of "primaries" in the rainbow, the 7 well-knows are a mere convention. So for over 2000 years the chakras had one set of colors and suddenly in the 80'ies, they changed? No, I don't think so.

New Age Chakras
7. Top of the head. Violet.
6. Between the eyebrows. Indigo.
5. Throat. Blue.
4. Heart. Green.
3. Solar plexus. Yellow.
2. Lower abdomen. Orange.
1. Root. Red.

Tantric Chakra Colors
These colors match my personal experience.
The upper two do not have a color since they are transcendental.
5. Vishuddha. Throat. Blue.
4. Anahata. Heart. Smoky (greyish).
3. Manipura. Solar plexus. Red.
2. Svadhisthana. Lower abdomen. White.
1. Muladhara. Root. Yellow.

The 12 Tantric Chakras of Kashmir Shaivism
12. Brahmara at or above the crown of the head.
11. Sahasradala at the crown of the head.
10. Purnagiripitha at the forehead.
9.  Ajna between the eyebrows.
8.  Balavat at the nose.
7.  Vishuddha at the throat.
6.  Anahata at the heart.
5.  Manas at the navel (solar plexus?).
4.  Manipura at the navel.
3.  Kundalini at the womb.
2.  Svadisthana at the penis.
1.  Adhara at the anus.

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