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This website will inform you what tantra is and what it isn't. Mainly what it is.

Tantra is about getting enlightened.

This website will explain what enlightenment is from my own experience. Yes, I am enlightened. I have been a practicioner of tantra for 40 years as of writing (2015) .

Enlightenment is bliss, love and non-dual devotion.

You are living in a dream. Who you think you are is not you. It is a fiction and you stubornly believe this fiction will some day become enlightened. Oh, so wrong, so wrong.

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Tantra is NOT about sex and extended orgasms. That is a common misconception today and it is so far from the truth about what tantra is, that it is almost laughable if it was not so tragic.

Enlightenment is realizing you are not non-you (which is really who you currently think you are), but are in fact pure being, consciousness and bliss.

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