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Krama Stotra

Tantra quotes, texts

by Abhinavagupta

The devotee contemplates in himself and then on the actions of the deity. Thus he gives expression only to his sense of difference from the deity. On the dawn of the integral knowledge about everything, the self gets eliminated. Thus, now I have become completely effortless in praying to you continuously. (2)

Formal devotion establishes one in duality, while the highest truth is non-dual devotion that is a constant loveaffair with God in and as everything. This loveaffair is of course what is referred to with the expression effortless continuous prayer. You have to be beyond ignorance and self-identification with the ego to even intuit what this state is like. The next verse explains this:

Until its elimination the self does not become the sharer in the sense of the Reality. The self remains intact until the devotee undergoes the dual course of contemplation. It is Shiva Himself who is also our Self. Filled with this sense of oneness with Shiva, I have now become continuously delighted with my heart being filled with the devotion to you. (3)

Pure Self-realization is in itself a quite uninteresting state. After this you merge into supreme devotion, or parabhakti (non-dual devotion). After this, in unity consciousness, you realize the Self (Shiva) is everything. At this point everything radiates love and devotion to you and you radiate love and devotion to everything. The Self adoring the Self in and as everything in oneness with Shiva/Krishna/Etc..

It is the sea of your consciousness in its various displays of vibration and withdrawal which manifesting itself automatically in various kinds of homogeneity. [...] (10)

Again it is stressed that the Lord is everything. The Lord and your Absolute Self are One. Out of this arises the world.

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