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Malinivijayottara Tantram

Tantra quotes, texts

by Abhinavagupta

Due to association with Shakti immediately what happens is that the association of the Self with that ignorance gets removed. (1,43)

Shakti is of course one with Shiva, in other words the awakened kundalini is one with the Self and it will take you to full enlightenment as it restuctures your nevous system to be able to uphold states of enlightenment.

When the force of Rudra [ie. Shakti] enters into that aspirant of liberation as per the wish of Shiva [ie. the Absolute Self], he is brought close to a real teacher for attaining the fruit of enjoyment and liberation both. (1,44)

The highest grace for a seeker of liberation is when the Self awakens to make "you" Self-realized. "You" are not You, but a mere projection out of the Self that is somehow ignorant of the Self but is instead preoccupied with false identifications and empty desires. Once the Shakti (kundalini) of the aspirant has been awakened through the grace of Lord Shiva (the Absolute Self), you will eventually meet a teacher qualified to guide you and igniting the Shakti further with shaktipat.

He who has attained the highest state of being through this process, no more does he return to the state of worldliness as he continues to stay (eternally) in the state of pure Self. (1,47)

Liberation is irreversible! Once you have reached it, it will never go away. Where should it go? It is not possible to become ignorant again once you have merged your conscious self-awareness back into the Absolute Self.

Having been touched, talked to, even viewed with gladness from the inner being, people become redeemed of sins committed during seven lifetimes even. (2,11)

The inner being is of course the Absolute Self. Once the Self decides that its expression in life as "you" should reflect itself fully, then you are indeed redeemed from sin and are blessed. How does this awakening of the Self come about? Shaktipat is the easiest way. One one's own one can earn the grace of Shiva or Krishna and so on, but it is rare and hard. It is much easier to find a shaktipat master and receive grace from him or her. The problem is so few people understand what an opportunity they have once they receive shaktipat from such a master, so they waste the grace and the opportunity is lost.

Those who have been initiated by such a teacher as per the imperative of Shiva, having attained the desired fruit they attain the state of absolute purity. (2,12)

Real shaktipat is always given directly from Shiva, not from the spiritual teacher. I mean, if the teacher is worth his salt anyway, he is one with Shiva and thus the Shakti that flows through him is of the highest order. Oneness in its uttermost sense means you have become Shiva and are one with Shakti. Shiva and Shakti are one and you have merged into that oneness. Thus your shaktipat is of the highest order and "per the imperative of Shiva".

Shakti and Shambu are to be understood as lying beyond the fourth, O Beautiful Lady! For in the midst of all the thirteen divisions, these two are incalculable in their essence. (2,29)

There are three common states of consciousness: wake, dream and dreamless sleep. The fourth is called turya and is a state of temporary and imperfect oneness with the Self. Beyond the fourth lies perfect oneness with the Absolute Self. The Absolute Self is known to be both Shiva (here called Shambu) and Shakti. They are not two merged as one, but one and the same that appears as two.

Transcendent to the phenomenal world, transcendent to all kinds of manifestation, pure, self-contained and beyond all is to be understood Shiva by knowing whom the knower becomes liberated. (2,42)

Again Shiva is not the personal deity of Hinduism. in Tantra Shiva always means the Absolute Self. When the Self becomes fully self-aware as "
Transcendent to the phenomenal world, transcendent to all kinds of manifestation, pure, self-contained and beyond all" then we speak of Self-realization or enlightenment (which is the same as liberation).

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