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What is the Self?

Actually, the Self is neither a what nor an it. Even though we use those terms to be able to somewhat communicate about the Self, you must understand that the Self is unmanifest pure being, which in its very nature is bliss. Please contemplate those three words: Unmanifest, Pure being, Bliss.

The bliss does not have a cause nor an object. It is simply the nature of the Self. Similarly the Self simply is, thus it is pure being. It has no reason to exist and it is immortal.

You are already enlightened. You just don't know it.
The Self is already perfect. Being unmanifest, how can there be any imperfection in it? How can there be anything to grow or develop? The ego and the personality grow and develop, but if you in any degree think you as a person will grow into an enlightened version of you, think again: You are totally wrong. All you have to do is stop being ignorant and that means stop identifying with what is not you and merge into what is really you: the blissful Self. This is of course easier said than done. Let me repeat:

Stop being what is not you!
Face it: You are ignorant! If you cannot face that simple fact, you are never going to get enlightened. What or who you think is You is NOT you. It is an illusion. It is a fiction made up of karma and conditioning you have been subject to in your childhood. Give it up! Now, you can of curse not give it up until you have something more valid to replace it with, and that is the Self. The real You.

The Self is One
The Self is bliss, love and non-dual devotion. If you are not one with the three qualities which the unmanifest posesses, you are not enlightened. And I do not care how many teachers call you "awakened", you are not a tantric adept. To be a true tantric adept is to be a siddha, a perfected being. A siddha is utterly and totally one with the Self to such a degree that you can not even speak of oneness, since that implies two that have merged. There is only One.

Awakening is amateur spirituality
"Awakening" is a much used contemporary term which actually means nothing at all. Awakening implies someone who has awakened, so it is still withing the dream. The Self is already perfect and "awake" and does not need to awaken. You can speak of the ignorant individual awakening, but awakening to what? If it was the Self there would ne no question about awakening, since the little self, that awakenes, can never comprehend the Self. So "awakening" is at best a reorientetion of the ignorant individuals perspective and goals in life to search for the Self, rather than for gratifying the narcissistic ignorant little self. Unfortunately several ignorant, though highly popular teachers, advocate "awakening" as a degree of enlightenment. It is not. It is still within the dream and the ego's games of self-agrandisment.

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